Gamagori Seisakusho Co., Ltd. has employed first-class machine tools and inspection instruments, and with skills of both experienced and young members, we are materializing customers’ dreams every day.

Aspire for Ultra-precision surprise process in aluminum machining!

Since it was established, Gamagori Seisakusho has been engaging in high-mix low-volume precision processes in various fields such as optical equipment, medical equipment, measuring instruments, office automation equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, optical communication, fuel battery, aerospace and robotics.

Our aluminum machining technology is the key factor and that has consistently provided solutions to our customers’ challenging tasks in such variety of industries.

The word “know-how” is far too simple to describe strengths of Gamagori Seisakusho. Machining methods we have devised which we only could have achieved from enormous number of high-mix low-volume production in over 60 years of history is one of our strengths.

From the very beginning, we equipped our shop floor with first-class machine tools and inspection instruments and have continuously introduced and been mastering up-to-date machines and process engineering till this day.