We equipped our shop floor with first-class machine tools and inspection instruments and have continuously introduced and been mastering up-to-date process engineering.


Company profile

Here is the list of our production facilities and equipment. From the very beginning, we’ve been mastering up-to-date machines and process engineering till this day.

Unit Axis travels (mm) Qty Maker Feature
Machining center 1000x600x570 1 Makino Milling Machine GF6 5-axis hi-speed machining
Machining center 600×400×400 1 Makino Seiki MHNC44-A16 ATC16
Machining center 560×560×560 1 Makino Milling Machine A55 horizontal hi-speed ATC40
Machining center 900×500×450 1 Makino Milling Machine V55 20,000rpm precision spec
Machining center 560×430×350 1 DMG MORI SEIKI ACCUMILL4000 hi-speed spec
Machining center 650×450×350 1 Makino Milling Machine V33i 30,000rpm
Stored in 23C°±0.5 temperature controlled room
NC milling 850×500×400 1 Makino Milling Machine BN3-85 precision positioning
NC milling 850×500×400 1 Makino Milling Machine AEV5-85 Skill Master Milling Machine
NC milling No.0 1 Makino Seiki MHNC25
NC milling No.1 1 Makino Milling Machine KNCC
Milling No.4 1 Makino Milling Machine  
Horizontal milling 560×200×400 1 ENSHU Limited  
NC precision lathe   1 Seibu Electric & Machinery Pneumatic clamp
NC precision lathe   1 Okuma Corporation LP15C static pressure bearing
Hi-speed lathe 240cm 1 Okuma Corporation LS
Precision lathe 150cm 1 Okuma Corporation LP
Precision lathe   2 EGURO LTD GL120
Surface grinding machine 300×600 1 Okamoto Machine Tool Works PSG-63
Radial drilling machine Small size 1 TEIJIN SEIKI (Nabtesco)  
Precision gear cutter Up to m2 2 HAMAI H120A
EDM 550×370×220 1 Makino Milling Machine W53FB Precision spec
EDM 520×370×320 1 Makino Milling Machine U53K
Small hole drilling EDM φ0.3 - φ3.0 1 Sodick K1C-S
Tool grinder General purpose 1 Makino Milling Machine  
Auto pro   2 Godo solution Nazca
3D CAD   1 TACTX SolidWorks
3D CAM   1 Makino Milling Machine FF-cam
Inspection instrument        
3D measurement machine 5 micron 2 ACCRETECH RVF600A-X1
Roundness measurement device   1 ACCRETECH RONDCOM 30A
Roughness measurement device R correction 1 ACCRETEC SURFCOM 570A
Digital scope   1 KEYENCE Capable with 0.5 micron measurement
Annealing furnace Aluminum, brass 1    

Other equipment : Drilling machine, tapping machine, band saw machine